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Julius Hembus GmbH, dept.


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Our rarities of art wallpapers delight for over 50 years, many sophisticated people. Historical patterns are used as a template to get this hand printed wallpapers as a replica. When you page on our website you will be able to see surprising, beautiful patterns from three centuries. Our collection includes over 700 wallpapers and borders. They are with high quality materials, hand-painted on base, full-color printing for another color. The charm of these products reveals itself through the eye of the beholder. With mass-produced goods from the hardware store that has nothing to do.

More and more they are, technically produced in a limited edition, used wallpaper and borders in beautiful private homes.

Sometimes it's a journey, sometimes you just want a perfect ambience and sometimes just want a quote from a certain time. The successful combination between historic wallpaper and modern facilities, is often used. It should therefore not always be a castle. You can familiarize yourself with these patterns, a great pleasure and accentuate your individuality.

We hope you enjoy visiting our homepage. If you send us your wish list, we will make you an offer and send you the original pattern.


Yours, TapetenManufactur Hembus          phone: 49 69- 23 20 60

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